Giving Power To The People
A World to Win's mission is to educate how maps govern the way we perceive the world. We strive to excite with carto-graphy as a medium to assert agency of representation by replacing outdated maps with those that bear equitable representation of regions and peoples.
Why are current map projections broken?
Maps are hugely important tools in our daily lives that influence our perception of the world. This perception is until today shaped by maps that have been created and used as tools for colonial endeavors and Western hegemonic claims. It is time to advance the representation of the world as it truly is - by equal area projection.
Mercator Projection
The 16th century Mercator Map came to shape how we see the world, but today, it has fallen in disrepute for multiple reasons:
Distortion of forms, shapes and sizes
Northward bias and eurocentrism
Colonial history
Gall-Peters Projection
The advancement of the Gall-formula by Arno Peters presaged a new era in map making. The maps are characterized by:
Proportionally-accurate depiction
Reversed orientation, or South-up maps
“The equal status of all peoples.” (Peters)
HoBo-Dyer Projection
The HoBo-Dyer map is widely considered the best compromise in comparable projections because of:
Following the legacy of Arno Peters
No distortion at 37.5° latitude
Greater compression near the poles
Our mission is to
Create critical maps to overcome bias and to challenge arbitrary power structures
Educate and challenge unconscious and skewed spatial conventions
Create maps to overcome cartographic fallacy, geographic illiteracy and alienation
Create a forum for critical cartography
Advance democracy through better understanding of dialectical processes between spatial relationships
Advance the struggle for human rights by viewing and representing people within the world equally
Develop new social awareness by expanding perception of the physical world we inhabit
See the world anew!
What is a HoBo-Dyer Projection map?
It is an equal area projection map, which implies that a region of interest in a particular portion of a map shares the same proportion of area as in any other part of the map. HoBo-Dyer maps thus offer an equitable representation of regions and peoples.
Hobo Dyer projection
Al-Idrisis world map
What’s up with the north-up orientation on maps?
There is no valid scientific reason why the Northern Hemisphere is “on top“ on any map. North up orientations are arbitrary. Reversed maps offer the viewer a viscerally upending experience, – as though seeing the world for the first time.
How Map Depictions Evolved from the Imaginative to the Precise
In the pre-global era of map-making, maps were, generally speaking, localized geographic depictions, as they were not informed by the geographies of the rest of the globe. Explore how maps evolved throughout the centuries.
Ptolemaic world map

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